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Consider These Tips When Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding
November 17th, 2017 8:40 pm
Front view of a home with new gray siding.

As a gutter installer, at K-GUARD Cleveland we’re aware of the importance of the various aspects of the home exterior. Visitors often make quick judgments based on the exteriors of a home. New or fresh siding and roofing shingles can give a strong impression to visitors of your home. While the gutter system may not seem as visually important, debris-filled gutters can be unsightly. They can also lead to clogs and water damage to the roof, foundation, or surrounding landscaping.

This post will discuss common problems with vinyl siding and how to clean your siding. Vinyl siding remains the most common siding product in the U.S. Since your siding gives visitors a quick first impression of your home, keeping it clean is important. Clean siding can give your home a refreshing new look. If you are having trouble with irritating dirt or stains, consider these siding cleaning tips from Certainteed:


Common causes of dirty siding:
  • Common exposure: Dirty siding can be caused...
What Can You Do to Increase Your Home's Value?
November 16th, 2017 10:01 pm
Ground view of a house with K-GUARD leaf free gutters and a tree in front.

Are you looking to sell your house in the near future? If you are planning on selling your home, or are simply interested in updating the look and adding curb appeal, there are several projects that can accomplish this. You can give visitors and potential buyers a great first impression with home exterior upgrades such as new siding or a new roof. You can also add value to your home through certain interior upgrades. This post will discuss a few ways to add value to your home, as found on hgtv.com.  

Replace the Siding
The number one way to add value to your home is to have your siding replaced! When a home has old or beat up siding, it can earn the title of a fixer-upper, which is never a good thing, especially if you are trying to sell it. People often judge a home by looking at it from the outside, so old siding will set the tone for expectations of what potential buyers will find inside. Homeowners who would like to spruce up their siding can add curb appeal and reduce maint...
Rain Barrels Can Collect Water from Your K-GUARD Gutter System
November 15th, 2017 9:40 pm
Picture of a house with a rain barrel connected to a downspout

Downspouts can be an overlooked aspect of the gutter system. Most homeowners are always concerned about if the gutters are cleared of debris and whether they are collecting water properly. Downspouts play a large role in safely directing water away from the foundation of the home. A properly functioning gutter system includes downspouts that work with the gutters to collect water and move it away from the home. Downspouts often simply shoot water away from the house, but rain barrels present another option for water disposal. Downspouts can be set up to channel water from the gutters into rain barrels, which can then be used for activities such as gardening. The following information about rain barrels was found on angieslist.com:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30% of the average water usage of American families comes from lawn and garden watering. You can significantly reduce this number by using a rain barrel. Some rain barrels collect as much as 1,400 gallons...
Why Choose Seamless Gutters for Your Home?
November 14th, 2017 10:52 pm
House with red siding and K-GUARD leaf free gutters.

Climbing on a ladder to clean gutters is time-consuming, annoying, and even potentially dangerous. If you’re tired of cleaning out your gutters, then a leaf free gutter system may be the solution for you. Gutter protection products come in the form of add-on gutter guards or new replacement gutter systems. If you choose to get a replacement gutter system, you will also have to choose either sectional or seamless gutters. The term "seamless" is common in the gutter industry, but what exactly does it mean? This post will define seamless and sectional gutters and describe the differences between them.  

Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters 
As the name suggests, sectional gutters are sold in sections and pieces. Sectional gutters are designed to be strung together over the length of the roof, using sealant to attach the pieces. This process allows for mass production of gutter pieces.
Seamless gutters are molded to the correct length and installed as one piece. These gutters are...
Prevent Ice Formation with Heated K-GUARD Gutters
November 13th, 2017 8:25 pm
Picture of a roof with icicles hanging along the roof edge.

Ice Dams

Ice formation and ice dams are common problems for many homeowners. Ice dams often occur when attic insulation or ventilation is inadequate. Heat rises from the living area and warms the underside of the roof. This melts the snow, which travels down to the roof edge and refreezes. As more water travels down the roof and freezes, the ice dam builds up. Ice dams cause problems when water gets under the roof shingles and leaks into the home.
After ice dams and/or icicles have formed, if water isn’t leaking into the home, the best option is usually to simply wait for the ice to melt. Roofing underlayment is an extra layer of protection between the shingles and the roof deck should water manage to get under the shingles. If your home struggles with ice formation, the best strategy is to correct any attic insulation or ventilation issues. However, this can be cost prohibitive or unrealistic based on the design of the home.

Heated Gutters
Labeled picture of the inside of a heated K-GUARD leaf free gutter

If there are existing insulatio...

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  • Removed old gutters and replaced with K-Guard system. K-Guard arrived on 6/23. Removed old gutters and once painters finished appropriate areas, K-Guard came back and very professionally and neatly installed new gutter system. Clean up was impressive.

    Maria Jessica Turner, Rittman OH

  • K-Guard gutter system was installed on our home. The workers arrived early, however, before completing the job, it rained. They returned the next morning and finished. They apologized for taking longer, but it wasn't their fault. They were very courteous and professional. We are highly satisfied.

    Mr & Mrs Bernard Taylor, Ravenna, OH

  • We used the services of K Guard Leaf Free Gutter Systems. They put on new gutters. They did good work and they were thorough when they came to look at our gutters in terms of asking questions for downspouts and that kind of thing.

    David Anderson, North Canton, OH

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